Friday, April 22, 2011

A secret mission

Amidst all the parties and the book plotting and the workhops,
Amidst all the shopping  research and the networking, I stumbled on a cool idea.
It has to do with scarves.

Huh? You're probably saying, "What scarves?"

I'm going to be brutally honest here.  How many of us know how to work a scarf?  I mean really work a scarf?
And how many of you have about two dozen scarves jammed somewhere in the back of your closet, forlorn and forgotten?
Go on, raise your hand.  Be honest.

So that is the hard question.  How is that so many of us are afraid of such a simple yet elegant accessory.  And why don't we know how to toss a swatch of silk over our shoulders with that wonderfully indefinable confidence and authority that any self-respecting Frenchwoman seems blessed with at birth?

It's simply not fair!

And that is how my mission began.  Because I am on a mission.  I have learned some of the secrets of the scarf.  They whisper their magic when I am very lucky.  And in LA I saw the results and captured them in videos.
The results were...well, pretty darned amazing.

And you are going to see those scarf videos right here.

You are looking confused.  Scarf videos?

That's right.  Why should the French have all the fun?  Why should we miss out on all that cool elegance and easy grace?

In LA half a dozen lovely authors and publishing figures agreed to sit for the camera and let me work some scarf magic on them.  The results were spectacular.  And the best part?

You can do exactly the same thing yourself, using scarves that are probably hanging in the back of your closet right now!

Wait--you don't believe me?
Watch and see.

Here's Sue Grimshaw to show us the lovely results!

Congratulations to Sue on her move from Borders to Random House.  She has all kinds of exciting projects planned.
Drop by Romance @ Random at Facebook and join the fun.
Books and romance 24/7!

And doesn't she look wonderful in that scarf?


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