Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If you like books, LA was the place to be!

It seemed as if anyone who had an interest in books – publishers, agents, writers and readers – ventured West last week.  Everywhere you went, you were bound to run into old friends and new friends. Even complete strangers who felt like new friends!
There was an air of giddy excitement on the hotel meeting floors and the certainty that you might meet your favorite author (over 400 of them!) at any moment. There were over 100 workshops for writers on subjects that ranged from paranormal plotting and crime writing to self-publishing, blogging and writing YA (Young adult) fiction.  You could see a live-action fighting demonstration as well as tactical canine handling by a team from the Los Angeles Field Office of the ATF.  Melissa Marr moderated a panel on girl power, feminism and the YA Revolution.  Very cool! 
There was a wonderful, inspiring Military Mixer with Kathryn Falk, Kim Adams and SOS America, honoring special guests and local military families.    
There was a Steampunk Social.  There was a Bollywood party.
Bestselling authors Eileen Dreyer, Cathy Maxwell and Patricia Rice gave sage insider tips on how to bump up your characterization.  Plastic elephant noses were involved as teaching aids, I am told.  That workshop alone would have been worth the price of admission!
I mean, seriously?
Where else would you get to stand next to Dean Koontz, chat with Catherine Coulter and learn about new cross-genre vampire literature from Melissa Marr?  And all under one roof?

And yes, there were cakes involved.  Luscious, beautiful cakes.

And more cakes....   Mostly chocolate.  
This was definitely the place to be.

For me, the real excitement was catching up with writing friends, wonderful booksellers and enthusiastic readers whom I see far too rarely. (Email is great, but it's just not the same.)  And the parties ran non-stop from morning to night.  Every night.
Until very, very late at night.  With alcohol and chocolate.  With tea and cookies. 
Amazing.  That's all I can say.  Well, actually I can say a whole lot more.  And I will.  So please stay tuned..... 



  1. I love cake, especially luscious, beau-
    tiful, chocolate cakes!

    Sounds as if RT was the place to be!

    Pat Cochran

  2. Wish I could be there, but I live in Florida and California is a ways to go especially if you are handicapped. It would be great if they could have one of these get togethers in Florida.

  3. I never heard Word One about this! So sorry to have missed you all!!! Looks like it was a blast. Hopefully next time, and where was it announced???