Thursday, April 21, 2011

Romantic Times-- Chapter Two

The parties were great.
The cakes?
Check.  And check.

The talkfests?  Wonderful.

And on Friday... ahem....I happened to win an award.  Someone thinks that I am a writing Pioneer.
What a lovely thought.  I was bowled over.
And very honored.
I stashed the award fast, before they could change their minds!

No point in tempting fate.

But....the biggest event of the weekend was the ginormous Book Fair on Saturday.
Did I mention authors?  400 authors??  Convention Overload!

It was pretty overwhelming, actually.  There was noise and laughter.  Even screaming.  What an energy level.  And it was a first for me to have readers bring their Kindles for me to sign since they left their books at home.  I'll admit that it felt a little surreal to be signing a leather covered reading device!  But very cool nevertheless.

What a treat to see some wonderful booksellers, too.  I don't get to see them often enough.
One even came all the way from Thailand.  (More about her later too!)

Then I ran into talented and always funny Elizabeth Boyle, who kept me laughing, as always.

Next?  A little shopping retail therapy consumer research with the super witty Kim Adams of SOS America and the charming Jane Elissa.

Yes, you caught us in some serious shopping.
Um, Research.  That's right, it was product and clothing research for my next book.  Research.  Book research.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Next I got to chat with wonderful RT contemporary and paranormal reviewer, Jill Smith, who looked so elegant in her ruana and crocheted scarf.

Plus I got to wear a $1000 turquoise necklace that gave me seriously larcenous thoughts.
Isn't it gorgeous?  I mean seriously.  Gor--geous.

If I look distracted, it's because I'm thinking really hard, wondering if I can lunge through the crowd and make a break for it before someone tackles me in the lobby.

Alas, the answer is no.  And the necklace goes back to its very lucky owner.  (More about her in a future post....)

You meet the best people at a Romantic Times Convention!

Then I had the thrill of seeing the stunning Dianne Moggy of Harlequin model my own knitted scarf design.  Isn't it lovely on her?

Can you see why I mention....Convention Overload?

Clearly, I will be in Chicago next year.


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